Mentoring – a gift that keeps on giving

A illustration of a snowman drawn by a young person

Young or old, we all have something to teach and something to learn. That’s the magic of Growing2gether…young people, who face challenges in life, mentoring children who need their support.

Thanks to everyone who supports us, a moment of mentorship can lead to a lifetime of impact. This year, we have given the gift of mentoring to over 560 young people and children in Scotland.



Our programmes have built confidence and self-esteem, developed social, emotional and behavioural skills and re-engaged young people facing trauma and disadvantage in school and their community.

John struggled at school and had few friends. On Growing2gether, he mentored a child with many challenges and special needs, who did not mix with other children. Everyone was amazed when the child went to John and held out his hand!

John said: “This has changed my life. I’m more confident now…it was the best thing I have ever done.”

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Wishing you a holiday season filled with joy, love and countless blessings.

Season’s Greetings from our young people and all of us at Growing2gether