The Charity

Growing2gether and Growing2gether In The Community are the two main Scottish-based programmes of Ecologia Youth Trust. The charity was founded in 1995. You can read our Strategic Plan for 2021-23.

Our Mission

Ecologia Youth Trust gives young people who start off life at a disadvantage the support they need to thrive. This support includes access to a decent education, the confidence, skills and resources to shape their own future, and the family support vital to their health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

A world where all young people can realise their unique potential, improve their lives for the long term, and contribute to stronger communities.

At the start of this programme I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I don’t like doing stuff in front of people because of my anxiety. I ended up dancing.

Ecologia Youth Trust is based at the Findhorn Community, a UN-recognised eco-village, founded over 50 years ago and renowned for developing innovative, sustainable solutions.

Our International Projects

Our smaller scale international projects support disadvantaged young people and children through our long-term partnerships with local grassroot organisations, who share our aims of empowerment and growing strong, sustainable communities.


Projects include: sponsorship and volunteers for Kitezh and Orion Foster Family Communities in Russia, building classrooms and providing school meals for Sky Is The Limit Centre for HIV orphans in Uganda; and vocational training programmes at International Peace Initiatives, so that young Kenyan mothers living with HIV/AIDS can support their children.

Kids Band Kitezh Russia

Life in the streets is traumatising. When I was training in hairdressing, I felt like I was born afresh. My life has changed. It will better my future and that of my child and siblings back at home.

IPI Kenya hairdressing trainee


For more information on our international work and Ecologia Youth Trust, follow this link.