Vacancy Dundee and Aberdeen Programme Facilitators

Growing2gether Mentoring is a 16 – 18-week programme that gives young people the skills to address underlying issues that can lead to becoming disengaged; such as low self-esteem, low aspiration and educational attainment. We are now recruiting facilitators to deliver the programme in Dundee and Aberdeen. This includes;

● One afternoon a week working with 8 disengaged young people
● Accredited Vocational SQA qualification in Personal Development, Level 4: Self and Community and Self Awareness Units
● Innovative work experience scheme where, for 1.5 hours each afternoon, young people mentor a child in a nursery
● 1.5 hour facilitated learning sessions for young people led by 2 specially trained facilitators

Delivery of the Growing2gether Nursery Programme is based on six hours per week to allow time to prepare for, to deliver and to debrief Growing2gether during the 18-week training period. This equates to 1.5 hour preparation time with the Growing2gether lead facilitator, 3 hours direct contact time and 45 minute debrief after each session.

The Facilitator Classroom Training (7 days) includes;
● 7 days of training in Transformational Youth work and Positive Psychology applied to working with disengaged young people, consisting of a two-day induction followed by 5 one-day sessions (spread over 6 months).
● This professional training provides transferable skills that can be used in all work with young people

For more details and the application form please email

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