Young People Highlighting the Loneliness of the Elderly

Six young people from Tain Royal Academy participated in the Growing2gether programme In The Community Tain. The group expressed an interest in wanting to “make a difference to the people of Tain in some way“ and “wanting to help others.”

The project focused on the elderly population of Tain and central to this was the young people’s concern that older people may be isolated and lonely. The group approached a local film maker who had done a short at their school previously. They asked him to develop their ideas and introduce them to the process of film making. All of them took part enthusiastically in the planning and making of this short film titled “Do You See Them?”

It is hoped that the film they made highlights the isolation and loneliness of the elderly population in Tain. Now the young people agree that they will stop and say hello to the elderly and continue to draw to other people’s attention the importance of honouring the elderly.