Launch of Digital Services Article


Growing2gether launches new Digital Services for Young People in September 2020!

Growing2gether Online, Small Group Youth Led Counselling and One to One Counselling.

At the end of April, a comprehensive survey was carried out by Growing2gether with over 100 current programme participants; we derive from the results that one third of Growing2gether participants are decidedly struggling at this point in time. Whilst only about 30% say their situation has worsened since the onset of COVID-19, almost 75% of young people experience some form of worry, anxiety and/or loneliness. This outcome has been confirmed by other youth surveys in the field, and shows that mental health issues will be increased by the ending of lock down and the return to school.

To address this increased need and to adapt to the current situation, we have developed Growing2gether using digital technology. This includes: a new Growing2gether Online programme, with the added value of one-to-one counselling for young people that request this; and, depending on funding, new one-to-one and group counselling options for young people with deeper issues. We will of course, resume our core programmes of young people mentoring children in a nursery setting, and the youth-led Growing2gether In the Community programme as soon as possible.

Read more from our Director, Diana Whitmore…Click here to read or download the pdf

(Artwork by Lara MacGillivray, 16)