Laying the Groundwork for a Bright Future

We are delighted to receive funding from #YoungStart for Growing2gether Community which gives them access to new skills and training. This will also enable young people a long-term development pathway, improving their mental and emotional well-being, creating better connections not just to each other, but also their community.

Lorelei first joined our Growing2gether Nursery mentoring programme and has grown to become a shining example of the power of both Nursery and Community programmes working together for the benefit of the young people. Lorelei’s growth in confidence, self assurance and inner-agency has built strong foundations for her future. Lorelei has shown her interest in becoming a Young Leader, she has completed some amazing youth social action projects and is a core member of our new Youth Participation Board, attending groups and speaking about her journey to other young people and adults. Lorelei is a testament to the determination, ability and potential that can be harnessed and shine through with young people. We are blessed to have Lorelei (and so many young people like her) continuing the journey of personal development with us through Growing2gether Community.

Lorelei said “Initially, I was quite a quiet person who, to be honest, struggled with various things such as anxiety, low self-esteem, self-image, and the mental challenges I was facing. Despite my involvement in other community projects, I still struggled with finding my own identity. However, upon joining Growing2gether Community, I instantly felt like I had found friends among my fellow members. Today, I feel that I have grown as a person. Now, I feel capable of tackling anything, except tasks that require skills I have yet to learn. Even in those cases, I believe I can handle them if someone shows me how. Throughout this journey, starting with the Growing2gether Nursery programme, and now as part of the Youth Participation Board, I have made new friends. I truly feel like a part of both my own community and the Growing2gether Community.

Growing2gether Community opportunities include:

Youth Social Action Group: Young people create their own youth-led projects in partnership with a local community mentor.

Youth Social Action
Youth Social Action Group












Youth Participation Board: Young people with lived experience advise the charity’s Board, give young people a voice on issues that matter to them and lead communications with past participants.

Youth Participation Board












Young Leader Training: A training to enable young people to co-deliver our Youth Social Action projects; and community events.

Youth Leader Training
Youth Leader Training