Higher mental health outcomes for boys

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We are delighted that the mental health outcomes for boys in our recent cohorts is higher than the percentage across all genders. Thank you to Movember for funding our work.

“Being on Growing2gether has helped me because when I am in a difficult situation, I can think back to this and find a way to solve it.” – Andrew, 15*

“As a parent of a teenage boy, to see him show an interest and dedication to the programme and children he has interactions with is  amazing. He has made me so proud of him and his attitude towards his responsibilities is so positive.”

In our latest cohorts we have expanded into Moray, Dundee, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen. Our programmes are now active in 16 schools across Scotland.

Highland Council’s Psychological Service team has also peer reviewed our Evaluation Report 2017-2023 saying, “The report was well-written and clearly structured with relevant links to theory and other literature. Congratulations for such great results.”

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.


This project is being funded by the UK Government’s Levelling Up programme.